Friday, 28 February 2014

Z is for

Well folks this is it, the last letter in my alpha tag series. We have reached the terminal and the bus has stopped, so its now safe for you to get off.  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these posts and hope you have gained something from them. Probably 5 minutes relaxation whilst reading each one, but that's a start.

The final letter is, of course, 'Z' for which I have chosen 'Zenith'.  There are several ways to look at this word - pinnacle, comeback, period of success, glory days. I have certainly made a comeback with my blog; managing to post every day despite the best efforts of the techno gremlins etc. But the inference of Zenith is that you reach the highest point and then what? Is it downhill from then on, do you never raise to those dizzy heights again? 

I don't believe this to be so. Most of the time our lives run along a track which is sometimes bumpy, curves once in a while and then every so often becomes a helter skelter ride. Throughout it all there are various signposts along the way, and these are the ones we take lessons from.

I think, that as creative souls, we experience our own personal glory days, periods when our art just flows - our purple patch. Accept it for what it is and don't mourn it when it is not there, it will return.

My final tag is not my Zenith, this is in fact my 'Xanadu', this is how I imagine the place where I can rest from my weariness and find perspective in my life.
First I took some tissue paper and sprayed it with a selection of Dylusions Spray inks, drying between colours to avoid 'mud'. Just before it was totally dry I scrunched it up to form a crinkled effect and then left it to dry naturally.

I cut out the tag from a piece of grey board (I needed a base that would accept wet mediums without buckling). I then covered this with a thin layer of PVA glue (because I couldn't find my Glue 'n Seal!!) and attached the tissue paper to it, wrinkling it up slightly as I pressed it down. Again it was left to dry. 

Using the Joggles stencil Anicient Ruins I sponged with Turquoise acrylic paint and sprinkled very fine crystal glitter over it whilst still wet. More drying time!

I stamped the castle from the new stamp set Fantasy Castles onto a self adhesive label and coloured with Aquarelle pencils. 

The border at the bottom of the tag is a torn strip from the coloured tissue which I have attached using Ultra High Bond 12mm Tape. Finally I cut out the castle, peeled off the backing paper and stuck it in place, adding the shading around the image with black and grey pencils to give it dimension.

I think we can all say that life is a challenge and we must count ourselves lucky if most of our journey consists of just a few bumpy rides. But if you do find yourself on the helter skelter, hanging in there by your fingernails, remember your glory days and look out for more Zeniths on the horizon so that when they come again you can celebrate and cherish such heady times.

Well that's it, the end of this particular journey. I would like to thank all of you who have accompanied me and supported me with your wonderful comments, it has meant a great deal. Now all I have to do is plan another one...... where next?

PS If any of you are on Pinterest I have created a board to which I have pinned all 26 tags, so if you would like to see them in one place please click here


veronica said...

a really gorgeous tag to finish the series Lesley

jackiescrafts said...

A lovely final tag Lesley and well done for completing the whole alphabet

Jackie x

rachel said...

amazing Lesley - really enjoyed your series and so fab to see the new fantasy castles. x

Glenda said...

Congratulations - I take my hat off to you! Fantastic artwork and inspiring words throughout the journey. Thank you xx

Doreen said...

A fabulous tag to end on, I am going to miss your words of

vinny said...

well done Lesley, I have really enjoyed this series of posts x Lavinia

Sarah said...

Fabulous Lesley, and that background is amazing. I've loved looking at each tag as it's appeared, and they're all so different; will really miss it! Sarah x

Paula (PEP) said...

It's been a lovely ride & your Pinterest Board just means we can start all over again. Your blue stencilling really makes the whole seem very exotic - almost like something Aztec even: a little castle built into the Andes mountains where one can escape the world. Actually I have seen something very similar except it was a Monastery in the Israeli mountains & there weren't any Aztec symbols!!
Brilliant seeing you back in blogland.
Paula (PEP)

Linda Simpson said...

WOW as a finale you have left the best until last! I just adore this stunning Tag. Thank you so much for the amazing tags you have created and your insight into each letter.

Linda xxxxx

Dianne Gutchlag said...

Hi, I have really enjoyed your postings for february and they helped to encourage me to begin my own blog. you set yourself a big challenge so well done :-) and thank you for sharing your lovely work and thoughts
Cheers, Dianne

Miranda said...

A great finishing piece of this 'ride' through the alphabet! I sure will come visit you in Xanadu! I think there will always be glorious moments and even more less moments but always know certain that they will make place for good's up and down......indeed a bumpy ride....
Great work and persistence of you Lesley and I will be certainly joining you on the next voyage!