Sunday, 16 October 2011

5 Milestones and Beyond

'Where did the time go?' must be one of the most used phrases ever and it's something we have all said at least once. This weekend I have overdosed on it! Yesterday was my grandaughter's 5th birthday and during the day I caught myself either thinking or say those immortal words. And I don't know where the time has gone - such a lot has changed. Some good things and some not so good - all the stuff that adds up to life's rich tapestry. As we watched Annabel and her friends dancing at her birthday party I realised that, like a camera, our brain takes snapshots of our lives and replays it in the form of memories. We then replay these to comfort us, cheer us or even to shed a tear over - but it's as though we have a huge filing cabinet that we dip into according to our mood.

So, filed under 'M' I would like to share some memories to celebrate my grandaughter's birthday.
What's in your filing cabinet?


P.S. I'll be back later with some photos of the birthday card I made for her, plus a sneeky peek of something coming soon.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A little bit excited

Well, here we are mid-summer and it is absolutely pouring down! I suppose we should expect it from the British climate, but really.

Anyway, once again I've been absent but there is a good reason.. I have been hard at the designing thing. I have put together a few digital and printable kits and guess what?... the first one was released today over on the Chocolate Baroque website. And yes I'm just a little bit excited - as I am rather pleased with how they have turned out, I hope you all are too. I'm putting a little sneaky peek on here, but if you have time please pop over and see what you think (you'll find all four sets in the printable downloads category). It's one thing to design a product, but I need to know if I'm on the right track. There are also lots of other lovely products on there including some fab stamp promotions and it's free p+p on UK (mainland) deliveries all this weekend, well worth it.
I am hoping to be able to show some things I have made with the kit very soon, in the meantime I hope you are crafting to your heart's content and that life is being kind to you all.

Until next time


Sunday, 8 May 2011


Once again I have been absent from blogland for some time - a lot of which has had to do with the fact that my computer was badly hid by a nasty virus. Not just once, but twice! (and we are super, super protected - or so we thought). Then once I got my cleaned up computer back we discovered that most of my programs had gone - things like Microsoft Office, Photoshop - key things I needed to function. To be honest it kinda put me off wanting to switch a computer on ever again. I really, really wish that the clever little *****'s who inflict these viruses upon us would actually turn their hands to something more productive. They are talented individuals who could probably do a lot of good in the world if only they would channel their energies into more positive actions.

Anyway I digress. Amongst all this I have found it very difficult to create any meaningful artwork. Okay I've dabbled with bits here and there, but nothing really productive nor any finished piece that I actually wanted to share with anyone (humph!). But I find that nothing grabs your attention more than an occasion for which you are expected to produce the goods! Enter my Mother's 90th Birthday, sadly without the required Muse. However, I never cease to be amazed at what inspires us to create and mine came in the form of (wait for it)..... THIS.

William and Kate's Wedding cake. I saw this photo during the course of the wedding celebrations and just fell in love with the colour scheme - creams and whites.

Now my brain was working overtime and I've beavered away the last few days. I have even returned to my computer again as I couldn't find the right coloured paper for part of my project, so designed my own!

Today was my Mum's birthday and I am happy to say I actually came up with the goods!

This is the lady for whom it was all for - doesn't look her age at all does she? We have had a wonderful family day, with four generations getting together. I think that's a celebration in itself. And Mum has had balloons for the first time in her life! Just fab.

I thought you might just like to see the finished article. Thanks Mum for helping me find my creativity again (with a little help from Wills and Kate!)

So whoever you craft for and from wherever you gather your inspiration - enjoy.

Until the next time....


Monday, 24 January 2011

A New Year?

I expect by now that you all think I have either left the country or just given up blogging all together. Well here I stand in 2011 having completely missed 2010 on the blogging front.

2010 was a funny old year, and not the happiest for a lot of people for many, many reasons. So I guess that as the clock struck 12 at midnight on New Years Eve there were quite a few who were not sorry to see the back of the old year. But what is it about a New Year that makes us think we can shed all our woes and problems like an old skin? After all, the clock has just clicked over into another day, just like the previous 365. Technically nothing has changed, we are all just a couple of minutes older and yet it is almost like we have been given another chance to start things over again. Perhaps it is the thought of new beginnings which excite us, a new blank canvas to redraw what we hope is a better picture, the wish that everything will seem brighter.

Well now it is three weeks down the line from those magical chimes and the reality of life has set in. Has anything changed, have we all suddenly become happier, more contended individuals? I would like to think that for some people, their world is becoming a better place - for whatever reason. And for those who still have their struggles, I hope their burden becomes lighter or at least more easy to bear.

For me I can celebrate one change - it has been exactly one year since I gave up smoking and although I need to start the diet now(!), well soon(!), I am very proud of my achievement. So maybe hoping that the New Year will be a fresh start is not such an impossible dream. For all of you who either need or want a new beginning may I wish you every good luck on your road to discovery.

Now it may be a little past those witching midnight chimes, but I just want to say 'may your year be the one you desire' and I hold a glass up to absent friends.