Sunday, 8 May 2011


Once again I have been absent from blogland for some time - a lot of which has had to do with the fact that my computer was badly hid by a nasty virus. Not just once, but twice! (and we are super, super protected - or so we thought). Then once I got my cleaned up computer back we discovered that most of my programs had gone - things like Microsoft Office, Photoshop - key things I needed to function. To be honest it kinda put me off wanting to switch a computer on ever again. I really, really wish that the clever little *****'s who inflict these viruses upon us would actually turn their hands to something more productive. They are talented individuals who could probably do a lot of good in the world if only they would channel their energies into more positive actions.

Anyway I digress. Amongst all this I have found it very difficult to create any meaningful artwork. Okay I've dabbled with bits here and there, but nothing really productive nor any finished piece that I actually wanted to share with anyone (humph!). But I find that nothing grabs your attention more than an occasion for which you are expected to produce the goods! Enter my Mother's 90th Birthday, sadly without the required Muse. However, I never cease to be amazed at what inspires us to create and mine came in the form of (wait for it)..... THIS.

William and Kate's Wedding cake. I saw this photo during the course of the wedding celebrations and just fell in love with the colour scheme - creams and whites.

Now my brain was working overtime and I've beavered away the last few days. I have even returned to my computer again as I couldn't find the right coloured paper for part of my project, so designed my own!

Today was my Mum's birthday and I am happy to say I actually came up with the goods!

This is the lady for whom it was all for - doesn't look her age at all does she? We have had a wonderful family day, with four generations getting together. I think that's a celebration in itself. And Mum has had balloons for the first time in her life! Just fab.

I thought you might just like to see the finished article. Thanks Mum for helping me find my creativity again (with a little help from Wills and Kate!)

So whoever you craft for and from wherever you gather your inspiration - enjoy.

Until the next time....



craftimamma said...

Yay! Great to see you blogging again 'namesake', lol! You are quite right, your Mum definitely doesn't look her age and lovely to read you all had a wonderful time on her birthday. Please pass on my best wishes to her.

I'm sure she must have loved your card because it really is beautiful. Glad your muse came home eventually.

Hope it's not too long before we get to chat face to face again. Take care.

Lesley Xx

crafty flossie said...

Hi Lesley. I can't believe that I haven't seen that you've posted till this morning. Glad your computer problems are finally sorted. I agree that the numpties that send out these viruss? virusi? should put there talents to better use.
I'm sure your Mum was delighted with her card, it's lovely. She definately doesn't look her age. I love happy occasions when all the family get together.
Hope you and David are well

jackiepcledlenalm said...

good to hear from u again looks like u had a great day with your family to celebrate mams birthday when are u having classes again

Glenda said...

I was lucky enough to see this for real and it was absolutely gorgeous. Love the new blog background too.


crafty flossie said...

Hi Lesley. Loving the new background of your blog. You're a clever lady.

Jill said...

Hi Lesley!

Can't believe I missed this post. the card is gorgeous and your Mum looks so happy with her balloons. She definitely doesn't look her age!



The White Bench said...

Hi Lesley,
what a beautiful card you made for your Mum! I'm sure she loved it. That cake was really wondrous.
Thank you so very much for all your compliments, I really appreciated you took the time to drop me a note. As for the roses, I will definitely share the photo tutorial on my blog, but I must wait for the next issue of the magazine to be released in Autumn, before being able to do that. So... stay tuned!
Best wishes, and have fun creating again!

Paula Gale said...

You have said exactly the same thing as I've said about the people who inflict computer viruses on the unsuspecting innocent user... why can;t they do something positive?

Your card was lovely - well done to your Mum on her 90th. Hope my mum gets there, then I've got her for at least another 25 years! Anyway, just in case you wonder - I got here from Chocolate Baroque. I used to follow Glenda a long time ago - then lost the plot - and a few subscriptions! LOL.


Paula x x x

Margaret Iddon said...

What a fabulous card Lesley. I am sure your Mum loved it.

I bought all 4 of the paper sets- more please.