Friday, 2 November 2012

Making some crafty time with gorgeous new Chocolate Baroque Stamps

I have been rather busy lately, so blogging has gone by the wayside (nothing new there then).  Which means I have also been too busy to do much crafting but you need to keep your hand in so to speak. 

Now I love nothing better than a playday, when you can dive into paints, inks, stamps, paper etc and have a no holds barred experiment with loads of products.  Nothing structured just loads of mess, lots of fun. But what happens when you don't have a whole day to play? What do you create when time is not in abundance?

How about a crafty power hour - one hour when you create and complete at least one project. Now I know this probably requires a little bit of planning, and sometimes we like spontaneity, but it can also be quite satisfying to actually have something to show for your efforts rather than just a pile of bits.

I have been playing with the new clear stamps sets from Chocolate Baroque which are on general release today - Party Birds and Words and Happy Birds and Words. Both sets have a great selection of words and phrases together with some cute birdie images.  They really fit in with my ideal of quick, simple, clean looking cards.  So together with the stamps, a selection of papers from the Polka Dotty printable download AND a kitchen timer(!) I set to.

And here is the result of my first power hour.

These are really easy to achieve and would make great bookmark cards. All you need* other than the stamps and paper is a circle punch or circle die, some plain white card (I used 12" x 12" white cardstock folded in half and cut into 2.5" strips) and an inkpad. I found it very satisfying to have completed four mini projects inside the hour. And also giving yourself a time limit can actually focus your attention;  it can help if you have had a creativity slump and it stops you faffing about! Good confidence booster too.

So the next time you haven't got much time why not try your own crafty power hour.


*By the way, the kitchen timer is optional