Tuesday, 18 February 2014

P is for

Hello, here we are day fifteen and the bus is rattling along at a rare old pace. I guess people are jumping on and off when they feel like it, I hope you are enjoying the ride.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to make the introduction of each letter interesting - I almost feel like I should be saying 'tonight Matthew I'm going to be.....!' So small drum roll please and a round of applause for 'P' which today is for 'Push'.

This is another letter where I find some phrases amusing. 'Push bike' kind of defeats the object of the exercise, 'Pushing the envelope', how heavy are the envelopes in your office? 'To be given the push', fine if you are on a swing, not good if it refers to your job. When you look at the different meanings for certain words, or how the meaning changes according to the phrase in which it is used, it's no wonder that anyone trying to learn English is confused.

During World War 1 the generals of the English army decided there was to be a 'big push', which they anticipated would weaken the German defences and bring the war to an end. Subsequently there have been many projects entitled the big push, so designed in an attempt to unite a particular section of people and galvanise them into action. Sadly, like the WW1 effort, many of these have failed.

So where does 'push' come into our art. Well there are many artists who have pushed the boundries and made us view and rethink our conception of art. We all 'push' ourselves on a regular basis; whether to master a new technique or to just keep going against the dificulties we face. Maybe we don't push ourselves enough?

Today's artwork is another from the archives, which I am enjoying revisiting

The tag is one of my Vintage Tag printables on which I stamped the birdcage, flowers and phrase from Pretty Birdcage.

The flowers were coloured using Coloursoft pencils and I used a glue pen and some glitter to highlight the flower centres.

Although this photograph doesn't really show it too well, the birdcage has been foiled to give the bars their metallic appearance.

A paper rose and ribbon bow just add the finishing touches.

I think there is something very poignant about the empty cage and the phrase 'My soul is in the sky..' emphasises this all the more.

Revisiting this tag has made me realise that sometimes we just have to push through - that could be through barriers, through bad times and even through our own emotions. Pushing through makes us stronger.

See you tomorrow


Sarah said...

Such a pretty tag Lesley, and I love the typeface for the sentiment (looks like Bitstream Snell - well, that's what my version's called anyway!). The gilding on the cage is super too, and please could you teach me how to tie bows like that?? Sarah x

jackiescrafts said...

Hi Lesley, this is another gorgeous tag it's so pretty. I love the delicate colours you have used
Jackie x

rachel said...

fabulous work - love this tag Lesley - so pretty - love the script and the flowers are so pretty xx

vinny said...

such a delicate pretty tag x Lavinia

Paula (PEP) said...

Pushing through certainly does make us stronger & sometimes the only way of finding out if something is going to work is a matter of pushing on until you know yea or nay. I can certainly vouch for the baffling English language judging by the puzzled look on my husband's face when I bark up the garden path.
There is definitely a powerful poignancy with the empty birdcage & those words.
Paula (PEP)

Linda Simpson said...

This is so beautiful! I do love bird cages!
Linda xxx