Sunday, 16 February 2014

Here is my second attempt at M is for

Hi there I'm back on the trail again, sorry I didn't make the post yesterday. The workshoip went really well but I was quite tired last night and didn't want to post the next in the series just to get it posted if you know what I mean.

So here we are in the middle of the alphabet although that is not today's word; 'M' is going to be for 'Moment'. They say that there are certain world events where we can recall exactly where we were at that moment - the day Princess Diana died, 9/11, the day the Berlin Wall came down. And even though I was a young child I can remember the night we heard the news of the assassination of John F Kennedy. What is it about these moments that they become fixed so clearly in our brain? Especially since many of us can't remember what we had for dinner yesterday.

Of course all the events I have mentioned were unusual and deeply significant, whereas your dinner was not headline material. Most of our lives aren't headline material, but there are moments that we need to capture so they become even more precious memories.

Art is one of the best ways to record such moments. Painting, drawing, photography, scrapbooking, journaling, mixed media etc are all aids we can use to fix our own moments in history. Reliving the memory whilst we are capturing it by whatever means we have chosen can also be very cathartic.

Here is some of my artwork
This tag is a hybrid - a combination of one of my Vintage Tag printables  with some new design elements added and finished off with physical embellishments.

Designing new printable downloads has been difficult during the last year, but I have managed a few - they have just taken me a lot longer. I am sharing a couple of these with you - the first time they have been seen publicly.

In a conclusion to what I said earlier about remembering where we were etc I think the main key is what we were feeling at the time. For me emotions are a powerful tool, so if you can harness your feelings within your art your memories will be with you as fresh as the day they happened. And don't forget even recalling sad memories is important, after all they are as much a part of us as the happy stuff.

See you tomorrow.


Doreen said...

Your tag is stunning,and your words are very

rachel said...

this post really got me thinking - thankyou xx

Debbie said...

Another fabulous tag and the addition of the pretty flowers shows it off so well. Thanks for a great class. Debbie

Paula (PEP) said...

Your physical embellishments really combine with the printed image & I love the way these colours combine. The blueberries remind me of my childhood berry picking in the pine forests. If you ever get the chance to have some soup made from these berries - it's like no other flavour………
Paula (PEP)