Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Q is for

So, today I hit the first of the 'hard' letters - Q. But for me there is no difficulty (not sure I feel the same way about about X and Z!), as I have decided that 'Q' is for 'Question'.

When it comes to answering questions those of us with children should be experts on 'Why'.  This appears to be the first big question that they latch on to from about the age of two plus. And boy is it a test of our answering power. Hands up those of you who have resorted to the immortal words 'because it just is' after your mini mastermind has asked you 'Why' for the tenth time in a row? But no matter what you say your kids trust you to tell them the truth.

Move the questioning on a few decades and we come up against the politicians and other public figures who have adopted this same form of avoiding answering. Seems the more sensible the question the more they dance around giving a straight answer. And isn't it funny how truth evaporates with age.

I am continually asking myself questions when creating with stamps, inks, paints etc. And the only way to get answers is to experiment, try out the question, research, play; and when it goes wrong try again.

Today's tags are part of a bright and quirky set I made well over a year ago.

They all include papers from my printable sets - Polka Dotty and Polka Dotty Distressed. All the stamps are from the Happy Words and Birds and Party Words and Birds clear sets. 

I added a few gems and washi tape to finish.

I'll leave you with one last point, when I run a workshop I always tell everyone to keep asking questions and I often get the reply 'I feel silly asking questions all the time'. I only have on thing to say to that 'the only silly question is the one that goes unasked'.

See you tomorrow


jackiescrafts said...

I love these bright and cheerful tags and it reminds me that somewhere on my computer I have those papers. At least I hope I have as I have had a new computer in the last year
Jackie x

Doreen said...

Wow love those gorgeous tags,fab colours and great words of

rachel said...

these are fabulous and yes I have resorted to the 'because it is' ... sometimes it is necessary xx

vinny said...

bright sunny tags to cheer up someones day. My MIL`s answer to why is because Y has a long tail, not sure where that comes from. x Lavinia

Paula (PEP) said...

I have endless questions when I'm creating & - as you say - the only way is to experiment & compare. I'm about to do one using Derwent Coloursoft, Derwent Artists & Faber-Castell Polychromos on W H Smith 220gsm - only then will I have an idea.
I like the way you've combined the bold black & white stamping with the Polka Dotty papers. Amazing how different they look in the various colour ways.
Paula (PEP)

Miranda said...

Hi Lesley, I am so sorry to be behind on all your inspiring posts....probably I will when you've done the entire alfabet LOL. I am not feeling very well and staying at my MIL for a week. So I will try to hop in later....xMiranda

Linda Simpson said...

How true! I used to be afraid to ask questions but not any more. I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts and seeing your tags which are so diverse! Thank you for the inspiration!

Linda xxx

Sarah said...

Super Lesley - and more sunny cheerful colours; just what we all need at the moment. Sarah x