Saturday, 8 February 2014

E is for

Welcome to day five. I have been looking at the previous posts and they seemed a little long, so in the interest of you getting on with your weekend I shall make this one a little shorter.

E is going to be for Easy. Now when people say they are taking the 'easy way out' or 'anything for an easy life' there are always the hecklers in the crowd shouting them down for being lazy or cowardly. After all it's much more fun to do everything the hard way isn't it? But what's wrong with taking things easy once in a while if the opportunity arises.

Likewise with our art, a project doesn't have to contain 20 different techniques and take only 70 plus steps to complete for it to be an amazing piece of work. There are a lots of crafters out there who worry that their less is more approach is not as valuable or creative as those who take the 20 techniques route. The amount of time you spend on your artwork is not directly correlated to the result. Bit like life really, if you find an easier way to complete the task in hand successfully that's brilliant. 

So going for this idea today's tags are very one dimensional, but also simple.
Smooch Old Paper, Olive and Bundled Sage Distress inks onto your craft mat. Spritz with water and then swirl each tag through the inks, adding more water for the next tag and so on. Dry with a heat tool.

Next ink up the grass edged stamp from the Landscape Edges clear set. Place the tags next to each an stamp across all three in one go.

Add lettering, phrases or sentiments as you wish and that's job done.

I know that not everything is as easy as ABC, but just every now and then cut yourself some slack. Doing something the easy way is not a cop out, it just plain sensible.

Catch up with you again tomorrow.


Debbie said...

I'm loving popping in to see what you've been up to. I totally agree with your words and think we all over think projects and this can take the pleasure out of what we are doing. Have a great weekend. Debbie

vinny said...

might be e for easy but still very effective x Lavinia

Paula (PEP) said...

This is definitely a post for me……. I always remember my Mum telling me that I'd do anything the hard way if that was possible! Overthink is so destructive …….. I love the way you stamped the 3 tags together, what a wonderful way of demonstrating your post.
Paula (PEP)

Miranda said...

I do agree again with you Lesley!Easy and difficult are also very subjective ......what is easy for one person is maybe difficult for the other and also the other way around.......but if we recognize it in ourselves as a pattern(like Paula said) than we are able to accept it or change I making sense? LOL xxMiranda