Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I is for

Hi everyone, hope you managed to catch up with my H tag yesterday - the gremlins got loose again and the post disappeared during the night. Think I've manage to corral them for the moment.

Okay so let's move on to 'I'. There are many I words that have some significance to me - inspiration, imagination, idea, individual, imperfect, improve and even irritable.  But I have chosen Intention.  How does the saying go 'the road to Hell is paved with good intentions'.

I am sure we set off with good intentions - this year we are going to lose weight, take more exercise, de-clutter etc etc. But then we get hijacked by life. Bad weather, can't exercise as much and no-one wants to start a diet when it's cold and msierable. Really busy at work, too tired to keep awake to watch the telly, never mind sort out that pile in the corner!  The intention was to get a better life for our country - we didn't mean to start a civil war. You see what I mean?

We get out our inks and stamps and paints and bling and it's our intention to create a brilliant piece of art. And then something gets in the way of our intentions. The biggest intruder is our own mindset - it's not good enough or it's just not turned out how we had imagined it, the colours are wrong, this was not our intention. Been there, done that!

I made today's tag on the same day as 'C', so this was another three colour tag challenge set by Glenda.

This time I created the background with Distress Stain in Picked Raspberry, Spun Sugar and Tattered Rose. Once dry I brushed a little of the same colours over the top using Distress inkpads

The stamp is from one of my all time favourite sets, Harlequin Rose, and this was coloured with Coloursoft Pencils.

Finally I added a few highlights with a white pencil and finished off with matching satin ribbon.

Although this is a one dimensional tag I love the effect of the collaged stamp image - there is so much depth.  Here is a close up of that stunning rose

Now I don't wear rose tinted glasses and am fully aware that there are whole bunch of people in the world who have nothing but bad intentions. But I also believe it's not always someone's deliberate intention to cause harm, trouble, unhappiness or distress. Intervention by some other force is where we get derailed. And the worst one is where we derail ourselves. 

I read a great blog by Jennifer Boykin who talks about the committee in your head and it is that committee who pull up their chairs and shout out things like 'rubbish' and ' throw it in the bin' that really knock our good intentions. Next time they try to have a meeting whilst you are creating just ignore them,  after all there is another saying 'empty vessels make the most noise'.

It is my intention to see you tomorrow.


veronica said...

stunning tag Lesley - one of my favourite stamps too!

Sarah said...

Oooo, it's beautiful Lesley. I don't have that Harlequin Rose stamp although was tempted many times - bought the Butterfly Daisy & Collage ones instead! Might have to rethink now; roll on payday. Sarah x

Paula (PEP) said...

You have created such a picture for me of two perfectionist imps one sitting on each of my shoulders having committee meeting (shouting to each other through my head)! You're right about the depth in that stamped image & I love the contrast you added through the colouring of those leaves. Incredible to think you are doing this with your non dominant hand too.
Thanks again for these gems of posts.
Paula (PEP)

vinny said...

I haven`t sucumbed to this stamp set either - yet ! that rose is stunning. I must learn to stop ripping things up in a huff when they have gone `wrong` because actually sometimes after you have gone and had a cup of tea they don`t look so bad when you get back to it ! x Lavinia

Linda Simpson said...

Oh my this is absolutely stunning!
Linda xxx

jackiescrafts said...

This is amazing Lesley you have got so much dimension on your rose with your colouring it's gorgeous
Jackie x

Miranda said...

This is such a beautiful tag Lesley, love that sheet too. Intention is very important....once a teacher said to me; if your intention is 100% than the success will be there. But most of the time there is always a 'but' or maybe included in the least in mine there the one for this year has not come to live yet.... but maybe...... Thanks for linking to that inspirational blog!