Sunday, 22 April 2012

Jogging along

Today has been the London marathon and I feel like I've kind of undertaken one myself.  Not that I'm in anyway belittling all those thousands of people who have run themselves ragged today to raise money for good causes.  But this blogging for a whole week lark does have similar traits.  You need to be disciplined and focused, don't allow anything to distract or divert you; pace yourself - don't go off at breakneck speed only to to find  you've blown it all in the first half and want to give up. Take encouragement from all the passers by and well wishers who are urging you on (well that'll be the dog and my husband then!).  Enjoy the experience - you may never do it again.

The last point is the most important.  If you don't enjoy what you are doing then it becomes a chore and once that happens you are lost.  I never want blogging to be a chore, more a place to share my love of art, crafting and anything else I think you may find entertaining or even inspirational. So here I am on day 3, still jogging along enjoying the scenery and taking in the view.  Speaking of which here is a little scenery for you to look at.

I made these tags quite a while ago, whilst having a playday. I was experimenting with some new stamps that Chocolate Baroque were about to release and also looking back at older stamps. You know the ones I mean, those shouting up from the back row "pick me, pick me; I haven't been out to play for ages". The first one is from Pretty Birdcage. I coloured the flowers with Coloursoft pencils and, although it doesn't show too well here, I foiled the cage using the gold from the assorted foil pack (great A4 pack this, good value and full of 8 scrummy colours).

This second one features the script image from the Paisley Elephant stamp set, I just love the versatility of this set and had forgotten how useful it was. I tinted a doily with Scattered Straw distress ink and then stamped over it. The leaves are die cut from gold mirri card using Crealies shape die 11 and I made the flower using chiffon from an old scarf, adding a small paper rose for the centre. Again I have foiled around the edge of the tag and added some highlights to the doily.  Both tags come from my printable tag set.

That's it for now, see you tomorrow.



Aquarius said...

Great to see you are keeping up with the blog challenge. These tags are lovely with lots of interest in each.

Miranda said...

Lovely tags Lesley and hooray for you going on blogging! On the other hand I spend to much time behind the's going to cost creative time! warm greet Miranda

Debbie said...

Hi Lesley. Two very pretty tags. I love the sparkled ribbon of the first and the gold foiling of the edges on the second. I'll have to try stamping on my doilies as they are a little tatty. Looking forward to day 4.

Adrian said...

Speaking as someone who did the "blog for seven days" thing just a couple of weeks ago, you forgot another way in which it resembles a marathon. You need medical supervision and to sit down for a while wrapped in a shiny silver blanket afterwards.
Hang in there...!
(And apologies if you see this twice - blogger has just insisted that my first attempt failed.)