Monday, 23 April 2012

And the clock strikes.....

Okay this is where is starts to go uphill.  Day 4 of my challenge sees me into the working week.  Is this where the wheels come off my bicycle so to speak?  It's all very well posting everyday when there is a weekend in the way, but combining it with everything else that goes on Monday to Friday that's a whole new ball game.  And you see it's not like I've trained for this, worked up to it at a steady trot, got myself into the groove.  No,  I've just hurtled in there full gallop; going from blogging at a snail's pace to charging at it like a Grand Prix racing driver (with none of the Grand and definitely no Prix!!).

I'm looking at the clock, it's getting closer to midnight.  Like Cinderella will my blog change into a drab, artless page at midnight, will I have failed the challenge if this post doesn't post until 12.02 (not sure how it works as Blogger is on USA time)?  Think I had better cut this short NOW, so here is some more of my artwork to be getting on with.
 If I've made the deadline I'll see you again tomorrow.



Miranda said...

Tic Tac, you've made it "Cinderella'.....a lovely mosaic card Lesley! Like those vibrant colours and patterns together, Tic Tac keep going! warm greet Mirandax

Debbie said...

Hi Lesley. Glad you got to day 4. I'm imagining you riding along on a unicycle trying to keep your balance and speed. I really like your piece of artwork, lovely colours and stamps.

Aquarius said...

Glad you made it today - lovely bright contribution to a dull wet day