Friday, 20 April 2012

On starter's orders......

When someone throws down the gauntlet what do you do?

a) Throw it back
b) Ignore it in the hope someone else will pick it up/throw it away etc
c) Step over it


tentatively pick it up like it's a bomb and gently place it in front of you and then look at it for a while - a long while!

Well the gauntlet has stared me out and I can't ignore it any longer - I will have do something about it... here goes.

The gauntlet which has been thrown at my feet is the challenge that I will blog every day for the next week, I suspect this is in the vague hope that, once I have managed seven successive posts, I will remain blogging on a regular basis. To be fair I have been muttering that I need to be a much more attentive gardener and take better care of this tiny blog, and I always have good intentions but seemingly not enough hours.  Trouble is I sit down at the computer, read and respond to my emails, check out the Chocolate Baroque Ning, then Pinterest to see what's new on there and that is where it all starts to go pear shaped.  I get drawn in to looking at other people's 'pins' and wander off down beautiful rabbit holes of artwork, up blind alleys full of inspirational handmade cards and along meandering country lanes of stunning photographs.  What can I say?  I have no defence.

Anyway, back to the gauntlet. I am gently picking it up knowing that for the next 7 days, that's 168 hours, 10,080 minutes - eek this is scarey.  Don't think about it, just DO IT.

Okay the challenge is on, I'll be back tomorrow with something I'm kinda proud of.
See you in 24 hours.



Miranda said...

Hi Lesley, I know what you mean.....pff I have the same problem by spending to much hours behind the pc..... but I will support you by visiting! Keep up the good work and challenge your gauntlet! warm greet Mirandax

Debbie said...

Well done to you for getting started. I'll be waiting with anticipation to see what you've got up your sleeve for the next 6 days. Hugs Debbie

judith@poppy cottage said...

It's so easy to just meander for hours looking at all of the lovely creations out there. I wonder why I don't get anything done sometimes as well! Good Luck with your daily blogging, Judith xx