Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hook, line and blogger

Whilst blogging for the last few days I have been pondering what it is that attracts us to blogs and why do we keep returning.  What makes a good blog and how do we catch people's attention in a nano second before they move on?

We all blog hop, but what actually reels us in? What captures our imagination and makes us want to pull up a chair and stay for a while? For me it is pretty pictures, attractive artwork and colours that are the initial attraction; of course this won't be the same for everyone. You need to work out what sort of an audience you want to attract, who are you aiming at, or is it just random words on a page written purely for oneself. Blogs can be used for many things, there are hundreds and thousands out there and we will only ever see/read a tiny minority of them, so it is our responsibility as bloggers to ensure our audience get the quality  they deserve.   If people are prepared to spend their precious time reading our musings, adding comments to our posts and following us so that they receive everything (and anything) we ever write then we owe it to them to be as informative, entertaining and interesting as we can be.

Keeping this in mind, tonight Matthew I am going to be informative? entertaining? interesting? Only you can decide that dear reader.  While you are making your mind up here is the card I made last year for my granddaughter's 5th birthday.

 Tomorrow I will be on the last day of my challenge, I hope you can join me for the celebrations.


PS Blogger is playing up tonight so I am not sure if this will post in time, but I will still be back tomorrow, or later today depending on the fickle nature of this program.


Aquarius said...

Food for thought with your musings on blogging. I love the design of your page which is one of the things which attracts me to linger on blogs but the main things are the images and of course well written and interesting words - preferably without typos!! Pretty card for a small girl

Paula (PEP) said...

Thought provoking & good morning!
Paula (PEP)

Paper Engineer said...

Thank you Aquarius for pointing out my bloopers. I am normally very good at ensuring all the typos have been sorted, but last night Blogger was giving me such h**l that I obviously was not as discerning as I should have been. All put right now (I think)

Adrian said...

"Meaningless rambling text blogger" here. You're doing good - keep going!

Miranda said...

Keep going Lesley, sweet card for your little girl! warm greet Mirandax