Saturday, 21 April 2012

A little trumpet blowing

Day 2 and I'm back.  A success so far then - 2 posts in two days.  As I said last night I have accepted the challenge to blog for seven consecutive days and I'm into the second 24 hours - so far so good, but still so far to go.

Enough of that, I said last night I was going to share something I was proud of.  I find it very difficult to actually boast about anything, I don't like 'blowing my own trumpet' and, as a child, was not allowed to 'show off' at all - this was deeply frowned upon.  I tend to do what I do and hope that other people like what I do.  But this week is not the norm - let's face it I've almost blogged more in the past few days than I did all last year!

Back to my intention for today.  You may know that, in between everything else I do, I like to design stuff.  Last year my designs appeared for the first time on the Chocolate Baroque website and they have been quite popular.  Now I am proud to announce that another collection launched yesterday - Chic Script and it's available on the website now.

I admit to being quietly chuffed with this collection and it satisfies my need to stroke paper - even if it is my own.  Anyway, as this is obviously going to be a week of firsts (or seconds) - I have actually made something with one of these sets and I would like to share it with you.

So there you are, this is me showing off and that's day 2 finished.  Back tomorrow.



Glenda said...

Toot TOOT - your papers are gorgeous and you deserve a little trumpet blowing!

Great to see you blogging, please keep it up!


Aquarius said...

I was always brought up to not 'show off' too but you are well justified ion doing so with the gorgeous papers you design - might have to rush off and get these latest ones.

Debbie said...

Hi. I'm pleased you got to day two. Beautiful card Lesley made from your delicious papers. I'll be shouting from the roof tops how clever you are.

Miranda said...

Beautiful card with your paper Lesley and indeed 'keep up the good work', warm greet Miranda

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

I know just what you mean about not showing off, but you go for it these sets are gorgeous. I will be adding mine to my basket (after payday) along with the new stamps.

Sue x

judith@poppy cottage said...

I love these sets, I have them all! They are just gorgeous, and will work so well with so many other things, as well as being amazing in their own right. I love all of the colour options too. Hugs, Judith xx