Friday, 5 December 2008

To Hull and back....(almost!!)

For those of you who thought I had passed by, passed over or past out I am happy to report that none of these are true! I am actually still alive and kicking, well twitching maybe and have come back to blogland via a few locations around this great British Isles of ours. So just where have I been for the last few weeks - are you ready for this.... Kent, Glasgow, Home, Barnard Castle, Home, Doncaster, Birmingham, Home, Barnard Castle, Home, Oswaldtwistle, Home, Lancashire (not all of it!) Home, Barnard Castle, Home (now), Barnard Castle (tomorrow), Home, Blackpool (Sunday), Home (Sunday night), Bed FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! Phew I'm tired just typing all those places down. You will note there is no mention of Hull, but I have seen the motorways signs to it a time or two during the past few weeks and felt it needed a mention!

I have to say I didn't see much of most of the places I visited as the majority of the time was spent on the craft circuit aka SECC Glasgow and NEC Birmingham. Although tiring I had a great time with my friend Barbara (Clarity Stamp) and met some wonderful crafters along the way; some old friends and lots of new lovely people. As always, if you visited me at either of these shows, a huge thank you for stopping by, without you I wouldn't have the fantastic opportunity to share this passion of mine and it would be a very lonely road. Birmingham was the end of the craft exhibitions for this year, and it was a little sad to see the stands coming down. But, credit crunch and God willing, it starts all over again from the 3rd week in January 2009.

My visit to Oswaldtwistle was to hold my first workshop at Dawn Bibby's Studio. I was invited as a guest tutor back in August, but what with my show list and dates already filled in their diary it was hard to find space before Christmas. However we managed to squeeze in a Saturday towards the end of November and, I have to say, it was a fun filled day which I thoroughly enjoyed. They were a smashing bunch in the class and I obviously did something right because I've been asked to gives them available dates for the first six months of next year!

My Barnard Castle visits were to Graphicus and have been a mixture of dropping off samples/ buying much needed essentials(!). Today and tomorrow are their Open Days so I have been demonstrating some gorgeous stamps, ink pads and pens, chatting with some fab ladies and gents and spending time with some very artistic friends. It is heaven! I realised today just how lucky I am to do what I do. We are surrounded by so much unhappiness in the world; the news is gloomy and depressing, there are horrible things happening to undeserving people and too much sadness that we can't do anything about. And in the middle of all this our tiny band of crafters, many who had braved the weather and travelled a good distance, laughing and joking and sharing and caring. Our own little haven, a respite for a few hours from reality and I was a part of it. Amazing!! How does it go? "Count your blessings one by one". I just have and so, to all of you I met and shared today with, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, you have made me realise how truly blessed I am.

Until next time...


PS: Here's another of my blessings


Anonymous said...

nice to see you blogging again - and wonderful to have you in the 'hot seat' at Graphicus this weekend! Love that digi page of Annabel - she is such a cutie!

craftimamma said...

Wow Lesley, what a hectic time. My friend and I saw you at the NEC or rather glimpsed you through a crowd (it was pretty busy at the time)so was a bit sorry we couldn't actually see much of the demo.

Even more sorry I can't get to Graphicus today. I set my heart on going to my first open day there only to realise I had promised to babysit one of my 'blessing' ages ago. I will make it one day!

What a beautiful digi page. Annabel reminds me so much of a pretty little girl on a Paper Artsy tag stamp I bought at Harrogate show.

Enjoy your well earned rest.

crafty flossie said...

Hi Lesley. It's lovely to see you back in blog land again. I now understand where you've been. You did say you had been busy but I didn't realize how busy you meant. Many thanks for the brill tips and the time you spent today talking crafts today. It's wonderful being able to have the time sharing ideas with like minded people. Please say thank you to David for our wonderful meal as it put the icing on the cake for our day out. Hope you enjoy the well deserved rest over xmas. Looking forward to the next exciting installment of photos and new ideas. Thanks for the london fog advice. Debbie M.

Jill said...

Pleased to see our nagging worked on Friday and you've returned (via Hull...amost) to blogland!!!

It was great spending time with you on Friday when you were in the 'hot seat'. You did fantastic demonstrations and I learned an awful lot and you gave me some great tips for using the self adhesive labels. I bought the stamps and ink pads because of what you did!!!! Just need the labels now.....

I will definitely bring my scrapbook next time to show you. Gutted I forgot it this time!

Thank you for all your hints and tips and letting me try your scissors. I've ordered some, by the way, and they were half the price you paid with free postage!!! (sorry)

See you again soon and keep blogging. I love reading it!!!