Sunday, 12 October 2008

When the Muse flies out the window!

There are times when I find my Muse floats about. Sometimes it's stamping, sometimes it's creating backgrounds, sometimes it is just dreaming of ideas. Today is a beautiful day, so I opened a couple of windows and the door into the garden and WHOOPS out went my Muse. I think she's enjoying the sunshine and some well needed fresh air. Unfortunately while she's out gadding about I'm here, surrounded with lots of 'bits' and unfinished pieces and I cannot pin her down to help me complete anything.

I'm sure you have all experienced the loss of creative thinking from time to time and when it happens to me I turn to other forms of stimulus. Maybe a book, some poetry, music, even a particular old movie can inspire me. But today nothing. So I thought I would share some more of my digital journal with you. (Click on pics to see more detail)

Above is my grand daughter. To the right our badly done to pooch!

You see, even my reminders are blank!

And this tells me how wonderful childhood really is.

I hope my Muse approves!
PS If you find her could you send her home!


Jill said...

I think your muse may be off galavanting with mine! Mines been gone quite a while now and I thought she may with my get-up-and-go, but she's obviously leading other muses astray!!!

If yours comes home can you ask if she's seen mine???



craftimamma said...

These digital pages are gorgeous. I can only gaze in wonder as I have absolutely no idea how they are done.


Annette Lee said...

I think I saw Muse floating down the river with that Prince Arthur on Saturday night. She'll come to her sense soon and return home soon

Deby said...

Reminders are never blank - they're just waiting for the right words to put on them ;-)

PS: If you have sunshine can you send a little down this way x


Sant said...

These pages are very pretty, I just love the muted colours.


Deby said...

I've popped a card on my blog - the idea which was inspired by one of your cards in the Grpahicus gallery that I was really taken aback with.

Hope I've done it justice.

Deby x