Monday, 8 December 2008

Last Minute Christmas - Freebie

One of the things I was asked at the Graphicus Open Days was 'Are your ready for Christmas then?' My response... A big resounding NO! One present bought (and that was an accident), the house looks as if it's been recently vandalised (not condusive to the Christmas spirit) and not a card made (never mind written). The latter is probably the biggest problem. You see we demonstrate Christmas from about August but don't actually make anything for ourselves and if we were to give shop bought cards...need I go on. Then I had a thought (first one this year I hear you call) I'm probably not the only one. So, if any of you are struggling to make last minute cards, I have designed a mini kit you can download, print out and put together in no time. The kit contains:

4 background papers, 2 frames, 1 ribbon, 1 christmas flower, 1 jigsaw piece, some Christmas Script and a tag template.

If you would like the kit just send me a quick email (contact) and I will forward you the link to download.

Here are a few samples to give you some ideas

Hope you like.


crafty flossie said...

Love them you clever lady. ould be much appreciated. Debbie M.

Jill said...


The downloads are wonderful. I'm sgtill looking or them on the PC after I downloaded them and 'lost' them - DOH!!!!

I love the frames and will definitely be using them next year.