Saturday, 13 September 2008

Let us Spray!

First a big thank you to those kind people who have taken the time to comment on my intitial post to this blog. It means a lot to me.

Anyway, I can't believe it's nearly a week since I first set this up; but we all know how time goes so much quicker for the older generation! I would love to say I have been so busy crafting that I haven't had much time for anything else. If only that were the case. Unfortunately my right hand has been out of action for much of the week, which has made life rather difficult (bathing, dressing, writing etc have been a bit of a challenge) More importantly stamping, cutting and general crafting have been nearly impossible. Tip here: Do not try spraying Glimmer Mists with your left hand (unless you are left handed of course). The dog wasn't too impressed in being showered with Hollyberry ink! Sorry no photo here - she moves too quick for the camera, if not quick enough to avoid being glimmered! So, I had to put things on hold for a few days. However, I am pleased to report my hand is much improved and I'm back spraying in a more controlled fashion.

If you have read Glenda's blog (Artylicious), you will realise there is is a TV show coming up. As one of the design team I am also preparing samples and thought I might share some of the backgrounds I've been working on.

For those of you who have indulged in the beautiful bottles of colour that are Glimmer Mists, you will already know that using them is not one of the cleaner areas of crafting. In fact, it is downright messy (halleluah to that!), and you have to be careful where you spray - viz a viz one Hollyberry dog! If you have seen Glenda in action she uses a box which is a fantastic idea, almost like a little spray theatre. I'm much more clumsy and have had my box on the floor, almost over the head of the dog (if she should could use the phone I'm quite sure I would have received a visit from the RSPCA by now) and bounced it off the dining room wall. So I gave that up and now I just cover a very large area with paper and/or my heat proof crafting mat. It very much depends on what I'm doing. By far the best is newspaper, for several reasons. First, it's cheap (actually free because we get 2 free papers a week here), second, the sheets are much larger and therefore cover a bigger area but, most importantly, it acts as both a blotting paper and an ink well. I'll explain further.

I have been using semi-gloss cardstock tags which, unlike standard cardstock, do not absorb Glimmer Mists as readily as regular card/paper. You get a more muted effect on semi-gloss, and the newspaper helps in this process. Tip Use at least four of five sheets of newspaper, I tend to open it up from the midde so that I have a double spread. First choose your colours, then spray approx half to two thirds of the tag with the darkest colour - you need to spray quite close to pool the ink. Then turn the tag over and use the newspaper as a blotter, pressing firmly over the back of the tag. Keep pressing until the ink stops running e.g. the tag is still wet but the colour doesn't run when the tag is held vertically. Next, apply a further respray and repeat the blotting process. By now the newspaper will be quite soggy with your colour. Allow this puddle to dry for a couple of minutes and then start pressing and dragging your tag through it. What happens is that, as the puddle is drying, all the mica comes to the surface. By dragging and pressing your semi dry tag through it you are gathering all the mica and laying over your existing spray. So keep going until you are happy with the result. Change to a clean sheet of newspaper and then spray the remaining blank area of your tag with the another lighter colour and repeat the process of blotting etc. Then leave to dry thoroughly. You should now have a double coloured, shaded tag with loads of mica 'threads' spread over the top.

Both of these tags have been created using the technique I have just described. I have found that those colours which carry more mica give a better effect. Here I have used Frosty Night and Snowflake on the left and Hollyberry (without the dog!) and Olive Vine on the right. Neither the photos nor my photography do these justice but, trust me, they are gorgeous. This technique also works on regular card stock, but the colours are more intense.

Here's the aftermath on the newspaper. I'll keep these and use them on another project.

Now my tags are ready for stamping on. Sorry I can't show you any finished results yet, but the stamps I'm using are still a secret.

Well, I hoped you like this and that you try the technique. Till next time....


InkyArtitude said...

Nice spritzing there! Very subtle colour... can't wait to see what you do with them next.

Jo said...

Is there no end to the creativity inspired by these Glimmers? I am quite new to Misting and haven't seen these colours you've used. I'll have a go and see if they work as well with the colours I have. Nice to see you blogging and to have more food for my insatiable crafting appetite. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Annette Lee said...

Welcome to blogland Lesley, can I link you to mine?
looking forward to see where you go next. Speak soon

craftimamma said...

Ooooh, I am soooo glad you've started this blog. These are lovely. I'm at the Harrogate show on Sunday so I'll be well pleased if I catch you demoing there.


craftimamma said...

I hope you don't mind but I have something for you over on my blog because I am in awe of your tallent.


Phree said...

Welcome to Blogland. Love your background technique with the Glimmer Mists.