Thursday, 25 September 2008

From one thing to another

and another......

I have just realised that it is almost two weeks since my last post. The reason is in the title...let me explain.

As you will know from my last post I have been working with some wonderful new stamps from Elusive Images, so last week it was all systems go designing samples for the up and coming TV shows. Then it was Friday and I whizzed down to Harrogate to help my very good friend Babara Gray (who owns Clarity Stamp) to help set up the stand at the Paper Extravaganza Show. Back home Friday night to get myself revved up for the coming weekend. Bright and early Saturday morning saw me on the A1 again going back to Harrogate. The show opened at 9.30, Barbara and I started demonstrating and the next thing we knew it was 10 to 4 and we realised we hadn't had lunch! It was just sooo busy. Showed closed at 4.30, we spent an hour or so restocking and tidying the stand ready for Sunday and then home. Sunday morning saw a repeat journey back down the A1 and yet another busy day. Not quite as manic as Saturday, managed lunch at about 2 ish! Then it was all over, the stand was packed back into the van and I was on my way home. Although demonstrating at shows can be very tiring (both on the feet and the voice!) I really enjoy them. You meet some lovely people and it's exciting sharing your crafting passion face to face. Cue here - a huge thanks to all of you who visited the stand and took the time to chat with me. For those who came and I didn't get to speak to - apologies, I hope I will see you somewhere soon.

Monday saw me up at Graphicus, dropping off said designs (see above). A quick chat with the wonderful team that work there and a dash round the shop, just to check out the stock you understand!! Bought a couple of things that I just HAD to have and then it was back on the A1 AGAIN, this time up to Newcastle. I am running a workshop at Fenwicks this coming Saturday and, as it's the first time I have done any work there, I wanted to pay them a visit. Since then I have been working on the projects for Saturday's workshop. After that it will be more samples for Glenda's TV show (I came home to a delivery of more new stamps on Saturday night, they are gorgeous. I just know you will love them, but you will have to watch the show - I cannot reveal anything here!)

So there you have it. As I said at the beginning - one thing to another. Makes for an interesting life! Take care 'til next time.

P.S. Sorry there are no photos this time, but I will share some of the projects from Saturday's workshop soon.

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Annette Lee said...

Hi Lesley
Loving your blog - you busy bee you.
All the best for tomorrow at Fenwicks and hope to see you soon.
Ps those instructions for the slip case worked and are Fab'