Thursday, 19 November 2009

Your Mission......

If you saw this advert would you apply???


One helper to assist 40 ladies for 48 hours by handing out inkpads, stamps, paper, kits, brushes, glue, paint and other assorted items. Must be able to scoop out gesso and gel at least 40 times, paying special attention to handing it out again and again and again (usually AFTER you have just cleaned the palette knife and put the lid back on!). Be able to know exactly where everything is in the whole room and locate within a nanno second, whilst seamlessly spooning out more gesso and gel! The ability to keep awake during the whole 48 hours is essential, as is experience at cleaning tables, resetting them and eating your meal in less time than the other 40 participants (please note: indigestion will not be allowed as you won't have time!) Standing may be required, smiling is a must and you will have to have had a practice session first - by spending at least five days at previous major event! Must be able to count to 6400, have a sense of humour, give out gold leaf (whilst not breathing!) and on no account will you be able to play with the other 40 or so people in the room. Successful candidates will be recruited for future similar events!

Well I chose to accept the above mission and spent a wonderful, tiring, happy and rewarding weekend on the first Graphicus crafting Retreat - aptly named the Paradise Retreat. The whole event was all of the above and more - it was creative, emotional, exhilarating and a little hectic at times but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. To coin one of my own phrases I may be 2" shorter and about 5 years older but it was worth it. A big thank you to all the lovely ladies I met - you were all stars and I think that every piece of artwork you created was AMAZING. Huge thanks must go Glenda who allowed me to be part of this experience in the first place. Also a big round of applause to Lynn, Adrian, Kath, Annette and the man who kept hanging around the gents loos all weekend emptying wash pots and cleaning brushes - Oh that would be my husband David! (he only came to help us set up in the afternoon and stayed during the whole weekend - I think it was being surrounded by all those ladies that did it!!). These people put up with me spooning gesso over their hands, standing on their feet and being a little fraught when I couldn't just lay my hand on whatever it was that was needed immediately. I think I can safely say it was a fantastic success. Would I do it all again - now what did that advert say??

Take care until I have time to recover!



crafty flossie said...

Bravo. I think that the advert is thought prevoking. I do hope all attendees read. You are more than a star Lesley you are an angel.I'm so pleased that you applied for the job because a jigsaw isn't complete without all it's pieces. A big thanks to David. Hope your looking after yourself. See you soon. Debbie M

Jo said...

You certainly met all the criteria, Lesley! What would we have done without you? It was a fab weekend and we were all very appreciative of your dedication. Hope you get some playtime of your own very soon.

craftimamma said...

From all the reports I know your services will be much in demand next time Lesley.

I do hope you're reapplying as I want to be there in April too.

Hope to see you at the Open Day.

Take care

Lesley Xx

jill.hippychick7 said...

Although you weren't our table's helper I did get a chance to see you at the weekend. You, Annette (our helper) and Kath did a wonderful job as did pot-man David!! We couldn't have done it without you.

I know how frustrating it must've been for you all, especially not being able to craft and make those wonderful pieces.

You were wonderful!

Hope you are enjoying a well earned rest.



Annette Lee said...

Did I really apply for that job as well Lesley ?!!XXX

Lil Sis said...

So glad you applied for the job Lesley - you and Amnette helped to make the weekend extra special your help was invaluable and I know I learnt loads from you. And to top it off you were brilliant fun to be around.

Thanks for everything.

Beccy x