Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Week of Inspiration - Day 3

Hello on Day 3 of my Week of Inspiration, I hope you managed to have a look around some of the fabulous artwork I curated yesterday - there is some truly inspiring stuff there.

Today I want to tell you about other ways I get my inspiration. Although I do believe that the biggest influence on your creative senses is beautiful artwork, if you are into writing, or photography or jewellery making etc then you need to inhale other sights and sounds to help keep the well topped up.

There are a couple of people I find very inspirational; one of whom I have only discovered recently, I mentioned her on one of my Alpha Tag post. Her name is Jennifer Boykin and her blog is called 'Life After Tampons'. I like her because she tells is like it is, and although you might think her blog may be for ladies of a 'certain age', a lot of her writings will resonate no matter what date is on your birth certificate.

Another person I greatly admire is Christine Kane, she is an American folk singer/songwriter who is somewtimes referred to as the 'Mentor to women who are changing the world'. That sounds quite scary and you possibly think what on earth could you have in common with her, but she is the lady who helps you believe in yourself. Even if not everything she does is for you, there are some very wise, and inspiring words, on her blog. And if you do nothing else you really need to create a vision board for yourself.

Okay, so what else can help with the creative process. Music is probably the most emotionally evocative. When I am lucky enough to have a playday with my friends, there is usually music playing in the background. Even when I am on my own I'll  have a CD running - it can calm you and relax you into a creative mood without you knowing it. Depending on what you play I suppose.  I love Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf and admit to playing that at earsplitting levels, but it does focus me and charge me with energy. For those of you who would like something a little less wild try listening to Denmark by the Portland Project, a beautiful haunting cello solo.

Reading matter is another way to find your inspiration. Sometimes the characters in a book will trigger something in your head, or looking at a magazine can spur you into writing in your journal; fashion magazines are great for patterns and colour and believe it or not watching the Chelsea flower show on tv always makes me want to explore and experiment with colour and composition.

Of course all these stimuli are just a fraction of the things surrounding us that we can draw upon to give our artwork, and ourselves, a new lease of life. So now it is over to you, what inspires you and where do you go to keep the well from running dry. Please let me know as I would like to share in some of your inspiration. After all that's what we are all about isn't it - inspiring eachother.

Lots of eyecandy to inspire you tomorrow.


Doreen said...

Well that was really interesting today,I popped by both ladies. I wish I knew what one thing inspires me most....could be my hubbys art, I do believe I have probably picked up his eye for colours in all the years we have been married.He is a very good artist.x

Paula (PEP) said...

I think it's definitely seeing patterns for me now - seeing colours (I can certainly relate to the Chelsea Flower Show) but it is also knowing the theory behind what I am doing - that gives me a starting point & then I can build on it. Inspiration is definitely a tough one for me - I'd not quite realised that before. So thank you for another piece of the jigsaw.
Paula (PEP)

Linda Simpson said...

This has been an interesting read. I have visited both ladies blogs and can see what you mean.

I get my inspiration from all kinds of things, my garden, visiting blogs and Pinterest. Sometimes before I go to sleep an image will pop into my head and I write down a word, colour or theme.

Thank you for sharing.
Linda xxx

Sarah said...

Such an interesting post Lesley, and I enjoyed looking at the other people you mentioned too. Bat Out Of Hell?? Yep, I love it too; the louder the better ... but not terribly inspirational for me to be honest. I prefer gentler laid-back music to listen to while I'm crafting, which is probably why I go for mellow yellows, browns, oranges and greens all the time! Look forward to tomorrow's post. Sarah x