Friday, 15 February 2013

It's only a piece of paper

When I first had the chance to have a crafty play following my accident I knew I wanted to do two things: to lay down loads of colour (preferably very bright colour) and to use the new stamps that were to be released by Chocolate Baroque.

Glenda was assisting with my play time therapy (!) and had the brilliant idea of taping down a piece of A3 paper and then masking this off into four separate areas.  I now had several blank canvases to colour and had a wonderful time with inks, sponges, water sprays and distress stains. I had nothing planned, no firm ideas of what I wanted to achieve.  Let's face it when you are using your wrong hand and you haven't crafted for a long time you can't be structured. And I have to say that just working without definition was amazingly cathartic. 

Within a couple of hours I had four backgrounds all nicely dried out and ready for stage two - stamping. Again I had no preconceived ideas, just a little trepidation. I wasn't sure how good my stamping was going to be and I didn't want to ruin the backgrounds.  Until I told myself "it's only a piece of paper, stop being precious about it". As soon as I accepted that I stamped away with much more freedom and had four pieces of work that I was really pleased with..

Now how many of us get hung up about messing up not only our work but other areas of our life? Perhaps if we all approached things with less fear of doing it wrong we would enjoy the process more and maybe even produce something better than we thought. I am not suggesting that if you have a job that requires much precision and an eye for detail that you throw your bonnet to the wind and go at it haphazardly.  Just cut yourself some slack a little once in a while and enjoy the moment.

Here is one of the products of that day.

This was also the day I discovered how much I could achieve with my left hand.  I approve of my new found freedom.How about you?

I'll be back soon to tell you how I made this, suffice to say I used the new Chocolate Baroque Edges, and also to share another project close to my heart.


Gill said...

Brilliant Lesley. What an achievement with your left hand. Well done.

Paula (PEP) said...

Goodness - that is a real achievement - I can certainly relate to doing something without expectations of myself: just for the sheer heck of it (pardon the expression!). I'm learning that & trying not to try so hard (!!!!!) oh dear! You're a very valuable example & encourager. Take care & hope the improvement continues.
Much love from me
Paula (PEP)

Paula (PEP) said...

oooh -er....... I meant to say how striking the card & I have difficulties making such a background with both hands!!! I love the way you have tied the whole design together with the olive green, & here I'm laughing but I'll leave what I've written - I meant the design is cohesive through your use of the olive green but then I suppose it is tied as well....... I'll go & dig myself another hole!!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Lesley, I couldn't blog with my left hand, never mind create such a beautiful card! Amazing work. I know what you mean about worrying that you might 'mess up' a background that you are happy with, but 'going with the flow' is so much more fun ! I hope you continue to mend... Shirleyxx ps.. I'm having fun trying to type messages while my big male cat is laying all over my desk & trying to sit on my keyboard to get my attention... but at least I can pet him with one hand while I type with the other! Cheers,

Debbie said...

Beautiful Lesley. Well done you've made a fab card with your left hand and I hope you're very proud of this achievement. Sending a hug. Debbie

Aquarius said...

This is gorgeous especially since it was done under difficulties - great stuff. Will have to check out the new stamps too.

Janine said...

Well done on creating such a lovely card. When my left wrist was in plaster I managed to work and type right handed but creating anything was a joke. Having signed up to do the class at MCC and been "playing today" with some Chocolate Baroque stamps the penny has only just dropped regarding the connection! Sorry to be so slow.

Hope you get fixed soon. I had a few 1 to 1 sessions with the physio - it was agony but it helped!

Lynnda said...

great to see you crafting, I am always telling my students it is only a piece of paper! it is not just that you are using the less dominant hand it is that you are also only using one hand.
I think I will send a link to a friend who is also trying to craft with her left hand. Thanks for being so inspiring.